What Tobacco Companies Won’t Tell You About Nicotine

Lots of people smoke because of various reasons known to them alone. It’s possible that you
derive some pleasure from smoking but the hidden disadvantages are more than the advantages and so
called benefits you derive from smoking. Smoking poses a serious threat to your health. More
specifically the nicotine content which is the major component in cigarettes is a poisonous
substance. But tobacco companies will never tell you that.

Nicotine found in every cigarette is also a component of other substances like weed killers and
insecticides because of it’s from alkaloid plants. Alkaloid plants are poisonous plants. They are
bitter to taste and extremely potent.

Nicotine in cigarettes has different effects on smokers. Some smokers smoke cigarettes to
relax and cool off when they are stressed or upset. Some prefer to smoke because nicotine stimulates their body and raises their energy level. Most often, smokers get addicted to nicotine to the extent that they will always find reason to smoke more cigarettes to feel same effects always.

Since nicotine is more addictive compared to heroin, it will always give the same effect.
These effects vary according to each person and how much they smoke daily. Every smoker
often experiences a faster heart beat, a  rise in blood pressure and constriction of veins due to high
content of nicotine in cigarettes they smoke. It also affects “reward circuits” – a section of the
brain that regulates pleasurable feelings.

Nicotine as a powerful substance which affects the neurotransmitter dopamine. It raises the dopamine
level in the brain’s reward circuits, thus causing the smoker to experience pleasure anytime it’s
assimilated. Apart from dopamine, nicotine also affects serotonin, neropinephrine and beta-endorphins
which control mood, appetite and reduces anxiety respectively.

It’s better that you avoid this harmful substance because the side effects may be more dangerous
to your health than temporary pleasure. Stop smoking now!