NicRx and Alpranax Bundle – Nicotine Free Quit Smoking Aid + Herbal Stress Relief Supplement – Ease Withdrawal Symptoms – Curb Cravings – Improve Mood – Overcome Nicotine Addiction (2 Items)

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BUNDLE INCLUDES – NicRx Herbal Smoking Cessation Pills (60 ct) + Alpranax Natural Stress Relief Supplement (45 ct)
A SAFE, EASY WAY TO QUIT SMOKING – NicRx is a gentle herbal supplement formulated to help naturally decrease nicotine dependence and curb cigarette cravings, so you can finally overcome your addiction once and for all.
REDUCE STRESS AND IRRITABILITY – The process of quitting can often make you restless, irritable, depressed, and/or anxious. Alpranax uses a soothing blend of botanicals and natural compounds to calm the body and mind, and help lift your mood. This can really take the edge off quitting, and keep you from falling off track.
EASE PHYSICAL WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS – NicRx uses a blend of nicotine free herbs which help alleviate some of the physical effects of withdrawal such as jitters, nausea, headaches, upset stomach, fatigue, and excessive eating.
NICOTINE-FREE FORMULA HELPS YOU QUIT FOR GOOD – NicRx is 100% nicotine FREE. That means you can use it to supplement patches, gum and other stop smoking aids – or as the final step to cutting out tobacco completely. NicRx helps reduce your desire for tobacco products all together, so you can finally end your addiction once and for all.