Stressed? How to Remain a Non Smoker

The most common reasons my clients tell me they have failed to remain a non-smoker even after many years are during grief and stressful times.

Even if they have been smoke free without any thought of a cigarette for many years, there is still some belief hidden away in the deep recesses of their minds that smoking will help them cope and somehow make things better.

I always ask two questions.

1. What were you thinking just before you had the first cigarette to relieve your grief or anxiety. Their answer is usually, that they were not sure. In many cases they were offered a smoke by a well meaning friend or relative.

2. Did smoking actually relieve their stress? The answer is always no. You cannot remove emotional pain with tobacco.

What it does is create a second slot terbaru problem. In the midst of the grief or stress now there is the added regret of starting smoking again, plus the worry about once again quitting.

The other common factor is that even after the pain of their stress it can be six months to a year before they seek help to quit again. Once the habit is restarted it’s like catching up with an old friend. Until that friend stab you in the back again.

This brings us to the present, 2020. The midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. So many people under stress, worried about themselves or their loved ones becoming sick or dying.

But even more people are under financial stress, because of reduced hours, confused situs judi online24jam terpercaya or poor political leadership, complete loss of jobs and collapsed businesses. And with no clear end in sight this stress will grow for many people.

iI you were a smoker, and these issues affect you, what will you do to stop yourself from lighting up the first cigarette?

You know that there is no such thing as one cigarette for the majority of smokers. You will know this for yourself better than anyone else. But all humans can fool themselves into bad behaviour.

So cast your mind back to when you were a smoker before, and clearly remember all the reasons why you quit, and how good you felt afterward. The sense of pride and success.

Make a list of all the things that will happen when you smoke again e.g. loss of money, risk to your health and social isolation.

Do something… anything, to plug the gap between the stimulu slot pragmatic to smoke and the response to light up. Shout, deep breathe, even stand on your head if you have too! It’s not worth it, and it won’t help at all.

And don’t forget to call your hypnotist; it’s the fastest way to put the brakes on smoking.

Plus get some help for your grief or stress. Don’t do it alone.

And now for you to discover the 5 big mistakes most people make when trying to quit smoking. go to

Wishing you the best of health
Ian Newton

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