Really Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is the hardest commitment you will ever make in your entire life. I know this because I’ve quit a lot of bad habits, including addiction to alcohol, and quitting smoking was by far the most difficult.

Did I say commitment? You may be thinking, “Whoa now, quitting smoking sounds too hard if I have to make a commitment”.

I quit smoking four times before I “really” quit smoking. This is what usually happens with smokers. They want to quit but they really don’t want to quit. So when they quit they start smoking again. They never set it in their mind to “really” quit.

So what are the differences between the person who does quit for good and the person who quits only to go back to it again? Absolutely nothing, except the person who “really” quit set it in their mind to quit – they truly knew they would quit even before they quit. Ask anyone who has ever quit, they’ll tell you the same thing.

Each person who has ever quit smoking permanently had this strong conviction to never go back to the smelly, stinking, rotten, cancer ridden cigarettes again!

You can do that too. You can actually tell your self for two months straight how much you hate cigarettes and how bad they are for your health and that you are going to quit, at such and such time, and you will quit. The reason is because your mind told you so.

On the day when I finally “really” quit, I posted messages and affirmations on index cards throughout my home. I posted one on my mirror in the bathroom, it said, “I will quit smoking today and live longer because of it.” The one on my refrigerator read, “My boys want me to quit smoking because they love me, I can quit for my sons because I love them”

I used to smoke outside on my patio. That was the hardest place to be without having a cigarette. My posted message there read, “My aunt died of lung cancer because she smoked, and my Grandpa died of Emphysema because he smoked, I don’t want to die because I smoke.”

Smoking is a strong laden addiction that consumes the smoker without even realizing it until they are in need of a fix. That’s right, fix! The best way to quit smoking is cold turkey. The reason for that is because it gets all the nicotine out of your system quicker, purging the urge to want to smoke after quitting.

I can sit here and write an e-book on the best ways to quit smoking and what to do and eat while quitting, and what not to do and eat while not smoking. These things make quitting easier.

But then I wonder why would I go to all that trouble when someone doesn’t “really” want to quit? I believe I would be wasting my time. The fact of the matter is, unless a person “really” wants to quit smoking, they won’t be able to quit for good. It’s as simple as that.

If you “really” want to quit and are convicted in your efforts to quit, I’ll write a free e-book called “Quitting Smoking For The Convicted In Heart.” In it, I will add my daily journals on all the things that make quitting smoking so much easier and with the least amount of side effects.

For instance, did you know that certain foods make you want to smoke? It’s true. Coffee and alcohol are the biggest culprits. But there are others too.

Did you know that the patch and drugs “really” don’t work? The individuals who have quit while using these remedies could have done so easier without these apparent resources. Most of these things work as a psychological motivator and that is all.

Did you know that quitting cold turkey is actually the easiest, safest, and cheapest way to quit? Commitment is a whole lot cheaper, easier, and safer, isn’t it?

So if you “really” want to quit smoking, know in your heart that this time it is for good, set you date, be committed, write your affirmations and scare tactics, and that’s all you’ll need. A prayer or two wouldn’t hurt.

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