The 15-Minute Guide to Quit Smoking: A No-Nonsense Guide That Doesn’t Waste Your Time!

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(as of Mar 20,2020 18:28:24 UTC – Details)

This indispensable quit smoking guide:

• Allows you to find and read only what’s relevant to you in 15 minutes or less.
• Simplifies quitting smoking. Is quick and easy to read and understand—to make quitting smoking quicker and easier.
• Doesn’t rely on a one-size-fits-all-type-of-advice approach. Takes into account how different people have different needs. And how some will find it harder to quit smoking than others.
• Gets to the point. Answers common questions with straight answers, and without repetition (unless necessary).
• Explains methods (refined from trial and error) that are useful, effective, simple and honest, which can work for heavy and long-term smokers. Methods you can prove work for yourself.
• Details how to change your mindset and habits towards smoking. And how to deal with smoking triggers in challenging situations.
• Details how to start (and stick with) the quitting process, without relying on motivation and willpower.
• Makes an effort to understand you in relation to the quitting process. Not judge, patronize or mislead you.