The First Step Is To Learn HOW To Quit Smoking

Still struggling to quit smoking? Anyone who has tried to quit knows it doesn’t happen on the first try. In fact, most smokers fail several times before they quit for good. This is important to realize.

Unfortunately, smokers tend to take these failures as a sign that they just can’t quit. Each failure merely enforces that belief. But that’s just not true.

Anyone can quit smoking. Ways to succeed are many – from taking medications (prescribed and over the counter) to fake cigarettes, special filters, herbal remedies, special diets, acupuncture, hypnosis, shots, gum, lozenges and others.

The thing to realize is that quitting smoking is a learning process, just as it was for you to start smoking in the first place.

You remember those times. You sucked on a butt and choked… repeatedly. But you were determined to succeed. Now you have to adopt that same determination to quit smoking.

By past trial and error, you were giving your body a chance to see what it’s like to quit smoking.

Most likely on the first try you were only able to quit for a few hours or a few days. You learned how stressful this would be. The second or third time, you might have succeeded for 2 weeks or more. That time, you got a feel for what it would be like in the long term. You now know that quitting smoking will require something more than you think you possess.

And you will probably have learned what things will trip you up and prevent you from reaching your goal; things like cravings, nervousness, tension, agitation. To move along your learning curve, you now need to find ways to deal with those withdrawal symptoms.

See? It’s all about learning what ‘you’ need to do to quit smoking forever, not what everyone else needs to do.

You might have heard of the 12-step program used by Alcoholics Anonymous to wean people off alcohol. Apparently, someone created a similar program for smokers. The first step is to admit you have an addition to cigarettes and from there, the process should be easier to accept.

As part of that admission, you are to admit that you are powerless over tobacco.

I strongly oppose this approach because, as far as I can see, it starts you on a negative note. You’re not just admitting the power tobacco has over you; you’re also convincing yourself you are powerless to overcome your smoking habit. This is a defeatist attitude.

As an ex-smoker, I truly understand the weakness of this approach. What you want to do is believe in yourself and your abilities, not succumb to the fact you’re hooked.

Really want to quit smoking? Ways to do that include taking control – not by admitting you’re unable to break free, but in knowing that you ‘can’ break away, because you are strong and quite capable of overcoming your smoking habit.

Admit that you can do this, and that you refuse to allow tobacco to take your power. Feel your internal strength grow as you constantly remind yourself that you will overcome it.

Get angry because anger is very powerful and can overcome amazing obstacles.

Get angry at cigarettes for the power they are taking from you. Get angry at yourself for allowing cigarettes to steal your money and your health. Get angry at yourself for being so weak and submissive.

Get angry at all those wasted hours spent standing in doorways smoking and shivering in the rain and cold. Get angry at how silly and pointless that is. Get angry at the way cigarettes have made you feel like an outcast.

This is all part of the learning curve and learning to reprogram your thinking so that cigarettes no longer have any role in your life. Teach yourself that it’s an unnecessary habit you got yourself into. Take a serious look at smoking and you’ll notice that it has absolutely no good purpose other than to make you ill.

Ready to quit smoking? Ways to begin include evaluating why you have allowed cigarettes to take control of you and what you need to do to take back power over your life. Use that anger to build inner strength and determination that will prepare you to fight back.

When you’ve done that, find a system that will work with you and your personality. Start by finding an alternative so you can quit smoking. Ways to replace the habit are: nibble on healthy snacks, sip on a constant supply of fresh water, pop a candy now and then, buy yourself a really neat pen that feels good to hold and chomp on it when you feel the urge. Keep your hands and your mind busy.

It’s important to find a replacement that does not include medications and chewables because they all contain the nicotine you’re trying to avoid. Besides, it’s been proven that breaking away from replacements can be just as difficult as quitting the cigarettes. And let’s not forget about the side effects of those remedies. Why give yourself another battle to fight?

If you truly want to quit smoking, ways to succeed don’t have to include those additional drugs and chemicals. There are several excellent natural quit smoking methods you can use.