The Best Decision That You Could Make

Everyday more & more smokers are breaking free from a habit that has somehow bound them for years. It is always hard for someone to even consider quitting when all smokers know what it’s like to have a nic-fit. You have all experienced this overwhelming urge to light up just after having a meal, doing something fulfilling or even after a few drinks (one of the strongest cravings).

There is no accident that the cravings exist. The tobacco itself can be addictive not to mention the many other additives that the tobacco companies drop into the mixture to keep you addicted. Cigarette smoke wouldn’t be half bad with tobacco alone but it is the mixture of other chemicals that they add to it that makes it so destructive.

Another large factor that keeps you in the habit is just the habit by itself. You are so used to lighting up during breaks at work, while socializing with friends & even after you have done something productive. Lighting up among smokers sometimes is like a mini celebration without the champagne.

Well enough of the doom & gloom. There is hope after all. Many smokers have quit cold turkey after a life time of smoking.

When you are really ready, you will do it too.

Some people quit after a trying several times & some quit for life after the first time. More times than not most people take a few attempts before kicking the habit for good. If you have tried before then remain hopeful because just that you are here reading this today is a sure sign that you are serious & that you too will be quitting soon.

I smoked for around 20 years but was able to finally quit after my third try. At the first & second time I thought I was serious but was just kidding myself. The third time I knew in my heart that I was going to go all the way & I did. When you are truly ready you will know it.

Here are a few replacements that can help you kick the habit:

1. Nicotine gum (a gum that has nicotine in it).

2. The Patch (a patch that you where on your arm like a band aid that is laced with nicotine).

3. Cold Turkey (the one that finally worked for me).

Check with your doctor to see what may be best for you but from one ex smoker to a smoker, cold turkey is usually the best method. It really is all about the mind over matter deal. When you are ready you will stop one way or another. If you aren’t 100 percent ready then you are just fooling yourself & you know it. If you don’t think that you can go cold turkey then choose one of the quit smoking aids above.

If you think that you are seriously ready to do it then really think it through by going through all of the benefits like having more breath & being able to have more stamina to saving a ton of money. The benefits are endless.

Here are a few tips to help keep you from lighting up:

1. Try to stay away from smokers while quitting especially the first 2 weeks. I know this may be hard especially if your spouse, partner or close friend smokes but if they love you they will understand. You only have to stay away from them while they light up. If your spouse smokes then it may be better if you both wanted to quit at the same time although some people were able to still quit while their significant other remained a smoker. When they see you quit for a week or two, many of them come around & quit too.

2. Keep a pack of nicotine gum on you at all times in case of an emergency.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol (this can be hard for some because drinking & smoking tend to go hand in hand). It may be hard but how bad do you really want to quit.

If you are truly serious then you will quit eventually but remember that after you quit for at least 2 weeks to not considering even smoking one cigarette no matter what. If you get stressed out for what ever reason or maybe even find yourself spending time with friends that smoke you may consider just one smoke telling yourself it is only one. If you make that little mistake which is really the biggest mistake everyone makes, you will be back smoking in no time in spite of all your hard work to quit.

Make sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist before trying any quit smoking aids.