Simple But Effective Methods

It is definitely not an easy task trying to quit smoking. The fun smokers get from smoking makes quitting such a gargantuan task. But there exist several methods you can make a choice from towards quitting smoking! In this article, I will share some with you highly effective quit smoking methods!

A: QUITTING GRADUALLY: This has proven to be the most effective quit smoking method over time. The truth is when you gradually quit smoking, you are sending a message to your body and brain that smoking is not good for your health! Your frame of mind really has to be in this direction. Since this method has to do with gradual quitting, you do not need any replacement therapy!

Be assured that it has been proven that scheduled smoking helps quit than any other method!

B: AVERSIVE THERAPIES: Another very effective method is the aversive therapy method. This method has to do with the smoker highlighting dislike for smoking cigarette. Research shows us that when the dark effects of smoking are presented to a smoker, he/she tends to want to quit! Some more forms of aversive therapies are:

Administering brief electrical shocks

Using silver acetate

Rapid smoking

C: HYPNOTHERAPY: Hypnotherapy (or self-hypnosis) helps to make your mind and body calm. This method is what i strongly recommend to people who also intend to eradicate what I call psychological addiction. If you are using his method, I advise you to go for a seasoned, experienced and certified hypnotherapist.

The quit smoking methods I have highlighted in this article are surely effective but it depends on how ones body react to each of them! The general feature of them all is patience and effectiveness. Note that these methods do not guaranty over-night results but with time and patience, you will get result.