Side Effects When Quitting

Giving up nicotine can be an uphill struggle for many who try, but a lot never even reach the stage of giving up because they are too scared of the side effects when quitting smoking. People hear so many horror stories from those that have tried, and sometimes see the effect that quitting has on other people, with the bad moods and angry outbursts enough to make a non smoker start!

When starving yourself of a nicotine addiction the initial reactions from the body are severe as it cries out for the nicotine it has been so reliant on and is now being deprived of. This is the time when so many people fall off the wagon and back into the smoking habit, they simply cannot take the pains, mood swings and anxiety attacks that go hand in hand with rehabilitation process they are going through.

If somebody can make it through the initial stages then they are on a much easier road (although far from being certain) to successfully kicking the habit. The side effects when quitting smoking can vary from person to person though, so may experience all of the negative sides that come with nicotine deprivation where as others may experience one or two, and the lucky ones may not have any serious side effects at all.

The health benefits seem such a distance away and almost pale into insignificance when someone is going through the first stages of giving up smoking. Here are a few of the side effects when quitting smoking:

– Sadness and mild depression.

– Erratic mood swings.

– Anxiety.

– Anger and a short temper.

– Weight gain.

– Headaches.

– Excessive sweating.

For those that suffer the most, it is all too much for some and a return to smoking is almost inevitable at some stage. But it is not just the initial side effects when quitting smoking that cause people to relapse. It is still an onward struggle, even after they have made it through the physical tortures of the early stages.

Then comes the mental side that slowly eats away all of the positive work that has been achieved and has people craving for a nicotine hit even after months of going without. 80% of people who quit start smoking again within a year, so even after the nicotine is out of their system the old habitual smoking routines start to play on people’s minds and draw them back into the habit.

Of course beating a nicotine habit is achievable for anyone. They just need to have a bit of guidance and understanding of how to approach it and get themselves in the right mindset to be able to cope with the side effects when quitting smoking.

A person’s mindset will determine the outcome of their attempts to quit smoking. Some people will never understand how to tackle a huge task such as this without expert help. But the fact is that there is the help they need and it is readily available and at a very affordable price. The Quit Smoking Today program is a proven method that has helped thousands of people quit their smoking habit. But this is not just a quick fix, it is a program that is designed to have lasting effects and keep the person from relapsing further down the line.