Quit Smoking Methods That Suit You Best

Each smoker has a unique method of quitting smoking as we all are different from one another. It is not necessary that what works for you to also be best for others. There is no 100% perfect quit smoking method, therefore we should follow the method that suits us, for a long and fruitful life free of worries.

Although there are different quit smoking methods, the basic focus of all of them is to quit forever. The Internet is full of websites that are ready to help you stop smoking by following their recommended quit smoking methods. This way you can learn through the experience of other people who have successfully given up the smoking habit for good.

Different Quit Smoking Methods:

Cold Turkey:

This is by far the most successful method although a bit difficult if looked at from an unfavorable perspective.

Gradual Reduction:

Some people try to gradually reduce their nicotine intake. This is the most intuitive method of all, but one that doesn’t work very often.


People who have a strong desire to quit find it easy using the acupuncture technique.


Some people find hypnosis the easiest way to get rid of their nicotine addiction.

Nicotine Patches:

The main advantage of using nicotine patches as a quit smoking method is that you eliminate the actual habit of smoking. You stop inhaling filth from cigarettes, but continue to maintain your addiction for as long as you’re using the patches. So while using them for a prolonged period of time is not desirable, they are preferred to actually smoking, as they don’t carry that huge of a health risk.

Herbal Quit smoking methods:

There are many highly effective herbal supplements that will help you stop smoking. These drugs mimic the effects of nicotine without actually feeding you the drug.

Support System:

A good method that helps you in facing the smoking symptoms in a reasonable way and making lifestyle changes to live a longer fruitful life filled with healthy moments. Trying to quit on your own often doesn’t work as man is a social being and it helps if you stick with a support group who can help you out during the tough times. You can easily identify with their problems and resolve your issues and have the courage to face your symptoms with ease.

Some people prefer to use nasal spray and pills to help them stop smoking. The action of these chemicals on the brain is associated with nicotine addiction. We are all individuals and should choose the quit smoking method that works best for each one of us.