Quit Smoking But Gained Weight

Congratulations! You’ve quit smoking… but gained weight.

Few habits are as dangerous to your health as smoking. Nicotine from cigarettes harms smokers in many insidious ways. Smoking increases cardiovascular health risks. It causes cancer.

After smoking for many years, you finally made the decision to quit. Breaking the habit was very difficult. But you stuck to your guns and now you are smoke free. But then, something happened. You started to gain weight. Now you find yourself overweight and you don’t like it.

One of the side effects of stop smoking is weight gain. Why?

Often an ex-smoker finds that his or her appetite increases. Nicotine is no longer suppressing the appetite.

Your heart rate and metabolism slow down and you burn fewer calories. Your taste buds are no longer dulled by nicotine. Food tastes and smells better. The pleasure of eating replaces, for some ex-smokers, the pleasure from smoking. The combination of eating more and metabolizing slower means, guess what? You put on fat and gained weight.

If you were overweight when you quit smoking, you were likely to put on more weight than ex-smokers of normal weight.

According to lead investigator Dr. Deborah Lycett, of the University of Birmingham in the U.K. in a recent Reuters news story, “Someone may be at risk of much greater weight gain when they quit smoking the more overweight they are to start with.” This finding came from one of the few studies to assess the relationship between a smoker’s starting body mass index or BMI at the time he or she quits smoking, and the amount of weight they end up gaining. ( BMI is a measure of height and weight used to gauge obesity.)

Have you tried but couldn’t lose weight?

Every grocery store check-out counter displays magazines with stories that tell you how to lose weight.

Your community library probably has several shelves of books on how to lose weight. There are weight loss programs that tell you to buy their pre-prepared food and follow their guidelines. Storefront businesses offer weight loss and exercise programs. You’ve gotten advice from friends, from television, and you’ve searched the Internet. You could spend a lot of money and waste a lot of time on these programs. You’re confused.

Perhaps you’ve already tried one or more of these weight loss ideas and they haven’t worked. Have you been frustrated by diets and exercise programs that didn’t work?

How would you like to lose 10% of your unwanted weight in body fat in the first 30 days of your new diet plan? How would you like to lose weight consistently thereafter until you reach your ideal weight?
How would you like to eat hearty, all-natural, healthy and nutritious foods as you reach your weight loss goal?