Making an Informed Decision About Quitting Smoking

It is very hard to quit smoking but it is not impossible. If you are aware of the bad side effects then maybe you will be able to make a better informed decision. Last year i gave up smoking and wish i had done it years earlier. A few months I managed to kick my ten year habit, it wasn’t easy on me or my family but i knew in the long run it was going to better for every one involved. So i guess you are thinking how did i do it.

Well i first thing i did was make up in my mind that i was actually going to stop, this alone will not work but it is a great start. Once you have made this choice and i mean really set your mind to it, the rest is pretty easy. Next you need to make sure that you know why you are giving up tobacco.

I did a lot of research online and read up on what smoking is doing to my body. I mean, I sort of knew a bit before i started researching it, but after reading about all the diseases, illnesses and effects it has on my body and the damage it causes my family, it only reassured me that i was doing the right thing. Also I became disgusted with smoking, so the more i read the more i wanted to give up. I found this to be a powerful step in my process to stopping smoking tobacco.

My final step was looking for the right tool to finally kick my nasty habit. I worked out what triggered my habit and what time of the day i craved for a cigarette the most. From there i found the best quit smoking aid to help. I didn’t stop straight away there were always times when i would break, but even after that smoke i got straight back on to wagon and continued my journey to a better life and better health.