Laser Quit Smoking Method

A recent development in ways for help quitting smoking is the use of the laser quit smoking method. Whether laser quit smoking is right for you or not depends on some factors. First let’s examine what’s involved with this treatment for smoking.

The quit smoking laser therapy, which is also known as laser acupuncture uses a low-power laser beam. It directs these beams at different points on the body, similar to the way that acupuncture sticks needles into the body along certain energy meridians. This laser has been approved by the FDA but only for uses in temporary relief of pain. So this is one of the stop smoking methods that has so far not been approved by the FDA for this purpose.

In some studies that were done recently it showed that stop smoking laser treatment had a success rate on par with a placebo. That means that if you are really ready to quit and someone tells you that this will make you a nonsmoker, then you do become a nonsmoker. As an unapproved process, these are just the preliminary studies so this may change over time but so far the results do not support the added expense of seeing a laser technician for stopping smoking.

This equipment to set up a laser quit smoking center is very expensive and costs over $80,000. So that is the reason that the process does cost over $400 for a 30 minute session. As any business knows, you must make enough money to cover your expenses. And since most of that cost of the machine is a monthly expense it has to be figured into their monthly costs. For any business to be viable they must meet their monthly cost of doing business.

There have been certain groups that are very public in their opposition of this quit smoking laser treatment. One such group is the watchdog group, Public Citizen. I think they go overboard in their condemnation of the process. They thought that $400 for a 30 minute treatment was excessive, but really, if it works that’s actually quit a great investment that will pay off in the months and years of savings as a nonsmoker.

There was also a statement by Dr. Norman Edelman, who is chief medical officer of the American Lung Association, who said that there is no evidence that the laser program works. And this is true, because the studies are ongoing. So you might ask how these companies are able to sell these programs if they are not approved by the FDA? The FDA is allowing laser quit smoking use in clinical trials and studies. And that is how current laser companies are using their lasers. So there is no conclusive proof about the efficacy of the quit smoking laser. The studies are still ongoing.

There are also other methods that can be used to stop smoking. One of the most commonly recommended ways of stopping smoking, nicotine replacement therapy or NRT, has been prescribed by medical professionals for years now and studies do show that it has a varying success rate. Some reports state success in the single digit and some increase that to just a little over 10%. Doctors also use drug therapy for smokers when they prescribe strong anti-depressants like wellbutrin to help smokers get over their habits. Hypnosis to quit smoking is another alternative and has been used for years to help smokers become nonsmokers.

There are many choices now for smokers to make. The important thing is to take some action and become a nonsmoker today.