Depression While Quitting Smoking

There are three major components; tobacco, nicotine and smoke that can contribute to help the addicted person managing unpleasant feelings of mental problem like depression. These corking effects can help a person dealing with frustrations or fears without getting emotional discomfort. Mental problem or challenge like depression often develops as a result of cumulative and/or stresses that has been there for quite a long period. Such problem is also due to inherited imbalances within the brain equations, and can also because of alteration in the brain chemistry.

In depression prone person, the effect of the stress results in a frequent phase of hyperarousal and any sort of anxiety can also amplify the distress. The addict of smoking is very powerful and it is difficult to get rid of smoking all of a sudden and that is why the withdrawal symptoms that come from quit smoking can bring depression.

There is good news that such an occurrence of depression often can be reduced or terminated through self-care therapies, exercises, psychotherapy, and/or medications. The more of such types of strategies that the smoker can include in their quit smoking campaign, better is the probability for success.

Such therapies can also accelerate the recovery of the body that suffer from the effects of addiction to cigarette use, and reduce or eliminate some general difficulties encountered while the addicted person reduces or quits.

Reasons and symptoms for depression during stop smoking

The depression might have existed before the person even begin to become addict to smoking and that might re-emerged now when stop smoking program is thought and put into action. It could be also due to altered brain function due to the habit of smoking since years.

Smoking contains nicotine that is a potent mood moderator and is capable to alter the whole brain chemistry. If the person has been self-medicating with the tobacco use there are chances of getting depression. When there is a withdrawal of smoking i.e. nicotine, the body cannot take it easily. The supply that you have been giving to brain has been stopped and the brain cannot function properly without it as it requires more and thinks that that is the only fuel to keep it running normally!

Quit smoking products are plenty and you can find them on market and also online i.e. on the internet. Such products are known to create/cause the depression in its user and it has been generally specified as their side effects. The depression while stop smoking has a particular definition that one should learn in order to know whether what is felt is depression or something else.

A depressed mood throughout the day or for more days can be specified as depression.

The occurrence of two or more of the following can confirm the condition as depression while quit smoking:

– Reduced self-confidence or low self-esteem
– Poor concentration on any subject including routine works
– Insomnia (lack or reduced sleep) or hypersomnia
– Low energy
– Difficulty in making decisions
– Feelings of hopelessness or despair
– Anorexia (poor appetite) or overeating
– Exhaustion or fatigue

These symptoms may not harm physically but then they can surely cause marked distress or impairment in social, personal and occupational life.

After trying to quit smoking for many years I finally did it with the help of a few products. Quitting smoking has given me many health benefits and I feel better about myself too.